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Buscomedia, a multimedia and creative production company,that is established to be dedicated and compassionated to creative minds that have passion to creativity. Buscomedia, focuses on training in media production as well as creative art. We accomplish this by providing practical skills to individuals, organizations, communities and institutions.

Buscomedia, works with communities and organizations helping their unheard voice to reveal and exist in the society. This is done by training and working with members of the communities, organization and institutes to come up with their own production in the form of Documentary, Radio presentation, E- photo album, Website and Magazine and many more, depending on the kind of medium they want to convey their stories.

We carry out various practical skills training, such as screen printing, batik tie and dye, drawing and painting, website designing, video production and many more in order to create opportunities for participants for their self-reliant and sustainability.


Our goal is to provide individuals with practical media and creative art production skills for self-reliant and sustainability.


Our mission is to prod the creativity of individuals and thus help them to use such creativity to improve their living standard. We accomplish this by educating, training individuals in media and creative art production of iconic materials and insightful editorials.




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